Your Retirement

"Retirement" is a state of mind; funding it is a discipline.

Across the spectrum of your professional, financial and personal interests, informed advice and orchestrated planning yield the greatest odds for achieving your retirement, however you define it.

Preparing for and living in retirement involves a number of practical financials:

  • Accumulation: Navigating today's pension, defined contribution, and related retirement plans
  • Withdrawal: Determining safe withdrawal rates and maximizing funding sources (retirement plans, IRAs, Social Security and more)
  • Preservation: Balancing spending with legacy and charitable intents

There also are the equally important emotional intangibles:

  • Work/play: Will you retire outright or continue working at a more leisurely pace?
  • Activities: Do you want to take it easy or head full-tilt in new directions?
  • Transitions: How will you and your family prepare for and adjust to your ideal new lifestyle?